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Martial Arts

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Personal Protection

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TAC Krav Maga

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Martial Arts Training For The Whole Family

Give your children the needed tools to have the success in this ever changing world. Our goal is to collaborate with community families to help raise awareness and train our karate kids in an manner to succeed.

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Personal Protection Training

Be the safest person in your community. We provide a positive learning environment for all students no matter your ability level. Don’t be a victim. Take charge of your personal safety by enrolling in one of our courses today.

All of our courses are run by top-quality instructors using the latest methods in firearm safety training. All students will learn the proper way to handle and use a firearm in a structured and controlled environment. Many of our courses will utilize customized safe adaptive Go2FS air pistols as training aids. This offers a safe way to reinforce good habits when it comes to gun threats, retention and self-defense!

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TAC Krav Maga Program

Learn how to defeat any attackers including those armed with guns, knives, clubs, bottles, bats, etc. Survive any brutal attack on the ground. Escape from chokes and holds. Use tactical defense against strikes. Control or debilitate your opponent immediately irrespective of their size or martial arts background with no‐nonsense CKM concepts. Execute crucial and straightforward moves saving your life and the lives of your loved ones. Become an effective hand‐to‐hand combat expert!

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Testimonial and Review

Masterson Martial Arts is an amazing school. They have programs for kids and adults. Mr. And Mrs Masterson and their staff are excellent. They are really great and patient with their students. My son had little confidence in himself before starting this program two years ago. Now he is more confident and less shy with Continue Reading

Philena Slone October 2, 2018

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